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About Us


Cruisin-Along came about when, John Davis and Murray Horstman were on the Bourke Outback Trek which they are regular participates of. They thought it would be a great idea if they could organise something similair, but start from Orange and get the locals involved.

The trip would, when organized, be held 6 months prior to the Bourke Trek.That way they wouldn't have to wait another 12 months to go on their holidaying adventure, travelling around NSW, QLD, SA and NT.

After many attempts to get together to discuss their plans but unable to align their busy schedules, Terry Davis to help, got involved.

It was decided to have the first Cruisin-Along drive in April 2009. It would leave on the Friday lunch, last 8 days and come back on the following Saturday. Having the Sunday to get over it.

A $500.00 entry fee per car,  in the form of a donation to Cancer Care Western NSW was decided on. Initially this would go towards the Western Care Lodge, accommodation for cancer patients and their carers at the new $290 million Orange Health Service (completed March 2011 )..


All cars are encouraged to gain donations from selling advertising space on their cars and gather items from local businesses to auction at the various towns, involving the local people of the towns in the fund raising efforts.

John and Murray had no hesitation deciding on Western Care Lodge as the charity, both having experiences with cancer and its terrible impact on lives. Now that the Lodge is complete the money will be directed to Fund raising for Western Clinical Trials.

A list of towns and dates were decided on and Cruisin-Along became a reality. Our first trek started with only 15 cars, our second trek 28 cars and 2011 trek 34 cars.We originally stayed in small villages but as the group got larger so did the towns.

Want to come ? Go to Contact Us.

There is no restiction on the age or type of vehicle you take.

The participates range in age from children to retirees. We have doctors, solicitors, car & real estate sellers, even a bloke that can help you with you septic.


Cruisin-Along was a way of letting people in isolated areas become aware that there is accommodation at the new hospital grounds in Orange. Some of these towns have raised tens of thosands of dollars towards the cause, Cancer Care Western appreciated the support from these towns.

In 2018 Crusin-along came under Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak.

ALL donations go direct to Rotary Orange Daybreak.

Cruisin-along itself is fully volunteered & has no business status or overheads.


Donations & entry money must be made out to Rotary Orange Day Break. They will issue receipts for money donated.

We rely on volunteer work & hope people appreciate the effort, even though sometimes we get things wrong.



Cruisin-along would like to thank the following for their time, donations & efforts:

Dave, Dee & Russell from Barnes Prestige Mowing

John Davis from John Davis Motors

Paul Rouse from Pybar Mining

Brian Hogan from Telescope Tyres Parkes

Points to remember:  
*To come along you need to have a sense of humor & you must have a good time.
*We try to pick roads that are a challenge but you are not obliged to go that way
*You will get lost.
*You are responsible for you own actions


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