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Gallery (More photos can be seen on our Facebook page)



John's BIG Galaxie- take some fuel! Is that a fuel tanker behind him?



  V8 Super cars - who will win Holden or Ford?



  Does anyone know the way? At least the Coffee Carts is here.


 2012 Trip. Tibooburra Pub- lets stop here



 Just when you thought you couldn't get any bigger JD comes with this monster. 


 Part of the scouting party & look what we found! A Pub. Terry, Ed, Bruce & Des    


 2012- The ready able & Willing Mob                                  

John, Mark, Mathew, Dave, Joel ,Peter, Glenda, Lois, Yvonne, Julie, Lindsay


    Its a windmill & a water tank !


                               Its a sunset !      



 Dead Trees in Water & two black Swans- At Warren



                          Its a dead tree!


                                 Its another sunset!


 2010 Trip towards Mungo proved a challenge - but not for Michael with the Coffee cart.


2010 Trip. Iandra Castle on the way to Grenfell- what a place!


  2009 Trip.  Some bloke built this 'Church' near Condo- unbelievable


2009 Trip - 1st Stop Albert- We put it on the map!


2009 - Trip O'Nite at Nymagee Pub


Fords Fords & more Fords


Mr. Horstman getting out of the passenger side @ Albert - he hardly had any car problems!



Coolamon - Great Night. Scott, Terry, John, Dennis, Russell - Dee, Colleen, Kay, Janelle & Heidi

        Shindy's Inn @ Louth


  The 'Greg Norman' riverboat cruise, luxury plus



Dinner @ Eucla. Tony, June, Dennis, Greg, Digger & Ben

     Hazards on outback roads.Lucky we weren't hungry.


Dinner @ Coolamon. Ray, Norah, Wayne,Dee, John,Kay, Russell, errilyn & Keith 



Not much space left on Name wall @ Tilpa Pub but didn't stop June & Tony Honeyman

         The boys letting off some smoke at Louth school












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